RainSoft CharityAt RainSoft, our mission is to help our customers across the United States enjoy better water for their families. But we also want to reach out to children and families across the globe whose lives could be made better with access to such basic necessities as safe water, consistent and adequate nutrition, and education that helps lift them out of poverty.

That’s why RainSoft and our Authorized Dealer Community are corporate partners with Manna Worldwide, a nonprofit organization with projects in more than 40 countries aimed at fighting disease, poverty, and illiteracy in some of the most impoverished places in the world. Manna Worldwide estimates that nearly half the world’s children – approximately 1 billion – are living in poverty, and 1 in 5 children across the globe don’t have access to safe water. Without a reliable source of safe water close to home, children often fall victim to disease and can’t attend school. In addition, a lack of water hinders efforts to grow nutritious food.

RainSoft supports the efforts of Manna Worldwide to feed and educate children in places like Haiti and Guatemala, as well as many poor communities in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East. Manna Worldwide is committed to keeping overhead expenses to 10 percent or less of its revenues, so that the vast majority of funds raised go to help children in need. RainSoft also supports Mango Tree Coffee, a company that donates 100 percent of its proceeds from coffee sales to help fund the orphanages, classrooms, feeding centers, and clean water campaigns of Manna Worldwide in those struggling communities.

RainSoft isn’t just committed to better water – we’re committed to a better world.

Click here to find out more about Manna Worldwide and how you can get involved.