Conway Water Softener Salt Tank

At Moore Water & Air, we can install a Conway water softener salt tank in your home so that you can enjoy water free from harsh minerals. By investing in a Conway salt water softener, you will notice that your hair and skin is softer, your clothes are easier to clean, and there is less residue from mineral buildup on your dishes, faucets and around your sinks. 

Softer Water for Your Whole House 

Because of the amount of chemicals being dumped into the local rivers and streams you water might be contaminated. Through a free water analysis, our technicians can determine what kind of filtration you need to ensure your water is clean. In addition to a Conway water softener salt tank to soften your water, our systems at Moore Water & Air can also filter out dangerous chemicals. 

Other reasons to choose a Conway salt water softener from Moore Water & Air: 

  • We understand that our customers want a product that they can rely on. That is why we offer RainSoft filtration systems, some of which come with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • In addition to water softener salt tanks in Conway SC, we also offer Whole-house Carbon Filtration Systems, Semi-Automatic Whole-House Carbon Filtration Systems, EC4 Oxy Tech, and RCUV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems so that you can choose the right filtration system for your needs.
  • After the installation of a water purification system, you might even see some savings in the amount you spend on laundry detergent, dish soap and even shampoo. Once the chemicals and minerals are removed from your water supply, you may not need to use as much of these cleaning agents.

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