Fayetteville Water Softener Salt Tank

We make buying the right Fayetteville water softener salt tank easy here at Moore Water & Air. Our outstanding customer services is part of the reason we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a #1 rating with Consumer Affairs. Our customers know that we’re a trusted name in the Fayetteville salt water softener market, and they turn to us to get the job done perfectly. 

On top of our own experience and professionalism, we also carry RainSoft products. They’ve been in this industry since 1953, which has made them the top brand in the country with their reliable and efficient product line. We believe in their products so thoroughly that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on many of them. You can buy with confidence. 

Clean, Pure Water 

Don’t think that getting a Fayetteville water softener salt tank is just about softening the water. Our purification systems can also strip carcinogens and many contaminants from your drinking water, keeping your family healthy and safe. We’ll start with a free water analysis – no strings attached and no cost to you – and then we’ll help you find the Fayetteville salt water softener and purification system that is right for you. It can help eliminate: 

  • Viruses and bacteria that can spread sickness in your home.
  • Lead, iron, sulfur and other impurities that the city water treatment plant misses.
  • Volatile organic compounds that pose many potential risks.

On top of that, the clean water you get will help to increase the lifespan of your pipes, reduce the wear and tear on your appliances, and improve your overall health and wellness. A water softener salt tank in Fayetteville NC is a terrific place to start, but you can trust us to find a comprehensive system that offers many other advantages. 

To find out more about Fayetteville water softener salt tank options and purification systems, call us now at (910) 799-8150.