Georgetown GenX Chemical Removal Systems

Moore Water & Air is your trusted supplier for Georgetown GenX chemical removal systems.  As your RainSoft supplier for the Coastal Carolinas, we can provide your household with a strong defense against contaminated water. 

Water systems throughout the United States are bogged down with decades of pollutants and contaminants.  Georgetown GenX filtration systems can filter out contaminants like GenX, which makes up a significant percentage of the fluorochemicals found in the Cape Fear River.  It’s an unregulated contaminant that is used to create things like Teflon and fast food wrappers and can be slipping through your filtration systems and affecting your household. Georgetown GenX chemical removal systems are necessary for your drinking and cooking water. 

By having a water evaluation, you can learn about the pesticides, or minerals that are finding their way into your drinking supply.  Moore Water & Air is your Doctor of Water and can provide GenX RO systems in Georgetown SC that eliminate the intruders getting in to your system.  Drinking contaminated water can cause: 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Liver, heart, and pancreatic damage
  • Diarrhea
  • In extreme cases- death

GenX chemical removal systems in Georgetown SC can help eliminate your worry and improve your quality of life.  RainSoft and Moore Water & Air provide whole-house filtration, which means you and your family will be protected while you’re shampooing your hair, to when you’re rinsing off vegetables in the kitchen sink.  It can soften your water and reduce the overall cost of laundry detergent you spend on care for your clothes. GenX filtration systems in Georgetown SC are an investment, but they can leave a positive effect on both your family and the environment.

The benefits of Georgetown GenX chemical removal systems are numerous.  The positive effects it will have for your family and pets are significant, but nothing can bring peace of mind like knowing your household is protected.  You would protect your family against physical intruders, so why not the intruders we can’t see?  Take the first step and contact Moore Water & Air today!