Georgetown Water Purification Systems

If you’re worried about what’s in your drinking water, it may be time to have a water evaluation done and look into Georgetown water purification systems.

 Here at Moore Water & Air, we proudly carry RainSoft products. They’re world-class systems and have been in this industry since 1953 and are the leaders in the industry.  If you want to have peace of mind and don’t want to leave anything to chance, a Georgetown home water filter system provides safe, clean drinking water that you can always trust.

What Is Really in Your Water?

Have you ever wondered what could be in your drinking?  Even clear water can contain chemicals such as: 

  • GenX. This chemical is a detergent used to make Teflon. It’s related to other chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Nevertheless, companies are still allowed to dump it into the drinking water.
  • Lead. In older homes, even if the city cleaned the water, lead can come from the pipes. Georgetown water purification systems give you that next level of defense.
  • Viruses and bacteria. If you feel like you’re often sick, they could be the reason.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), iron, sulfur and more.

If you are not convinced give us a call and we’ll give you a free water analysis.  We will provide you with a report and let you know what is exactly in your water and how to take care of it.

If you do decide to get a Georgetown home water filter after the analysis, turning to us means you get a company with an A+ rating from the BBB, a company that offers a limited lifetime warranty, and a company that has a #1 rating from Consumer Affairs. We’re the best in this space and we have years of experience with water purification systems in Georgetown SC.

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