Jacksonville Drinking Well Water

Moore Water and Air is your source for Jacksonville drinking water testing. We’re the RainSoft dealer of the coastal Carolinas and your health is our top priority. In every room of your home where water is used, from the kitchen to the laundry room, you should be able to trust that the quality of your water is safe and healthy. Our Jacksonville well water testing can pinpoint the problem spots in your water and our RainSoft air and water filtration products can bring you peace of mind that your entire home is receiving high-quality water.

Why schedule well water testing in Jacksonville NC?

Water is the cornerstone for a healthy mind and body. If your water is contaminated with unwanted pollutants, our team can identify it with our drinking water testing in Jacksonville NC. Using conditioned and softened water can help encourage healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family. It will put an end to aggravated, dry skin and dull hair. RainSoft’s super-sudsing action means you won’t have to use as much soap, shampoo or detergents. Our filtration systems are an investment that can help save you money on everything from bathing, doing dishes and laundry to cleaning. The first step in finding the right filtration system for your home, is to sign up for Jacksonville drinking water testing.

RainSoft has been helping families just like yours since 1953. We’re leading experts in the air and water filtration industry. Based just down the coast in Wilmington, Moore Water and Air is your “Doctor of Water.” Our crews are ready to offer residents of Jacksonville well water testing, all while providing unmatched, exceptional customer service. We offer lifetime warranties on many of our products, too. We want you to feel confident in your home water system for life. Give us a call at (910) 799-8150 to set up Jacksonville drinking water testing for your house or business. We can’t wait to match you with a RainSoft in-home water treatment system that works for you and your family.