Leland Drinking Well Water

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Leland drinking water testing is a reliable measure to know your water is safe for you and your family.

Recommended annually, Leland drinking water testing is highly effective at detecting harmful substances that may have found their way into your water. When you notice a change in the appearance, taste, or smell, more frequent Leland well water testing is recommended to determine any health risks.

Moore Water and Air is the leading source for Leland drinking water testing. Our company is the local RainSoft dealer in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties. If you have any concerns about your drinking water, we can provide Leland well water testing that can bring you peace of mind.

Moore Water and Air is based in Wilmington. We’re the “Doctors of Water,” and consider your family’s safety our number one priority. Leland drinking water testing detects harmful contaminants that may affect you and your family’s health. You should never have to worry about what’s in your water. Our drinking water testing in Leland NC can identify the chemical compounds, nitrates and bacteria that may be in your water supply.

Leland Well Water Testing

Significant storms, spring runoff or heavy dry spells and heat waves can help push chemicals or unwanted minerals into your well. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell by the naked eye whether your water has been contaminated. Leland well water testing detects the presence of harmful nitrates, bacteria, and VOC’s. Chemical compounds, like GenX, may be odorless, colorless, tasteless, or all three. Our team can provide Leland drinking water testing and help design a plan of action for filtering those chemicals out of your drinking water.

Choosing Moore Water and Air for well water testing in Leland NC can make a massive difference in your water supply. In every room of your house that has a faucet or pipe, our filtration system will work to bring you soft, healthy and safe-to-use water, but the first step is to get your Leland well water testing scheduled!

RainSoft air purification and water softening systems improve the quality of life for our customers. We offer environmentally responsible air and water treatment solutions for families nationwide. RainSoft launched about 60 years ago and ever since our team has worked hard to perfect our variety of products and services. Our experience makes a prime choice for Leland drinking water testing for your family. Give us a call or reach out here on our website. We’d love to set up a free in-home analysis today.