Morehead City Drinking Well Water

Moore Water and Air is your source for Morehead City drinking water testing. If you’ve been wondering whether or not your drinking water is the best it can be, Moore Water and Air can help test and then treat your water supply.

Well water testing in Morehead City NC:

No matter how great your water is at the source, by the time it reaches your faucet it has probably picked up unwanted minerals, carcinogenic chemicals or pollutants along the way. Iron, sulfur, manganese, lead, bacteria, and viruses are just some of the contaminants that could be carried along by your water. These chemicals can be a nightmare for your pipes, appliances and your health. Moore Water and Air’s Morehead City well water testing will identify the minerals and pollutants that could be lurking in your water.

Morehead City well water testing, when done regularly, will maintain the safety of your property’s water and address problems. Changes in quality of water can happen slowly over time or suddenly. With Morehead City drinking water testing, you can be sure of the quality of your water.

Even if your water meets all federal water-quality standards, that doesn’t necessarily mean it meets your own standards for your family. Chemical contaminants can cause chronic health problems. Frequent Morehead City drinking water testing identifies unsafe water. For households with young children or pregnant, we recommend more frequent Morehead City well water testing. Testing assesses the presence of heavy metals, bacteria, and much more. Make sure your water quality meets local standards with Morehead City well water testing.

Morehead City Drinking Water Testing

Our Morehead City drinking water testing will help connect you to the filtration system that works for your home.  Investing in a RainSoft system means you can avoid things like, unpleasant smells in your water, floating particles and many other unwanted issues that are linked to using contaminated water.

There are several companies you can turn to for drinking water testing in Morehead City NC, but, Moore Water and Air can provide unmatched service and years of experience. Our company is the RainSoft dealer for the coastal Carolinas. RainSoft has been filtering and treating the water in homes for more than six decades. Our company genuinely values your family and we believe that your health is priority number one. With that in mind, we try to find and install cost-efficient products that we think would benefit your family the most. Call (910) 799-8150 for Morehead City drinking water testing and a free in-home analysis today.