Myrtle Beach Water Softener Salt Tank

If you’re looking for a premium Myrtle Beach water softener salt tank, look no further. Here at Moore Water & Air, we have the products, experience and solutions that you need. 

It all starts with RainSoft, the country’s premier brand for purifiers and Myrtle Beach salt water softener systems. RainSoft has been in business since 1953. It has a reputation for excellence and that is upheld with every single product and every single install. You know that you’re getting a great system and that our technicians have the training and experience to do the job. 

The Perks of Choosing Us 

When you pick Moore Water & Air, we offer you a number of serious perks and advantages. Some of the reasons we’re the top company in the area include: 

  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have a #1 rating from Consumer Affairs.
  • We offer you a free water analysis, no strings attached.
  • We have a limited lifetime warranty on many of our products.
  • Our products are both reliable and efficient.
  • We have a wide range of options, meaning it’s easy to find the exact Myrtle Beach water softener salt tank you need.
  • We offer exceptional customer service.

We also go far beyond simply getting you a Myrtle Beach salt water softener. We can also help to purify your water, removing carcinogens such as GenX and much more. For instance. Removing risks like this, along with lead, bacteria, viruses and more, ensures that your family is safe. A water softener salt tank in Myrtle Beach SC is a great place to begin.

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