Wilmington Drinking Well Water

If you’ve been searching for Wilmington drinking water testing, Moore Water and Air can bring you peace of mind. At our company, we believe in prioritizing you and your family. We can provide you with the testing you need, whether it’s for your private well water system, or for the water you get from public utilities. Moore Water and Air is your source for drinking water testing in Wilmington NC.

Our Wilmington well water testing is the premier water testing service for the Cape Fear region. Moore Water and Air is the local RainSoft dealer for the coastal Carolinas. We service families from the Outer Banks to Georgetown, South Carolina. We consider ourselves the “Doctors of Water” and can guarantee to meet every expectation you have for well water testing in Wilmington NC.

Taking the first step and lining up Wilmington well water testing is a smart decision for your home. No matter how good your water source may be, by the time it gets to your faucet, it may have picked up minerals or chemical compounds. These compounds and pollutants can be a nightmare for your pipes and appliances, and can often have a sneaky, negative effect on your health. Our Wilmington drinking water testing will evaluate the water in your home and give you a clear analysis of what may be lurking inside.

Moore Water and Air offers RainSoft home water filtration systems that will eliminate any concerns you have about your water. RainSoft is committed to producing the “World’s Finest Water Treatment.” We pride ourselves in putting your health needs above everything else. You should never have to worry about the quality of your water. RainSoft has been in the business of helping families for six decades now. We’ve helped over one million customers and look forward to meeting with you.

Give Moore Water and Air a call. We’re excited to provide Wilmington drinking water testing for you and your home.