Wilmington GenX Chemical Removal Systems

If you are looking for a solution for Wilmington GenX chemical removal, Moore Water & Air is your trusted supplier of whole house water filtration.   As many in the Wilmington area are aware of GenX has been being dumped in the Cape Fear river since 1980 and is one of the many unregulated compounds being exposed to the drinking water in Wilmington.  Chemical Removal filtration is one of the only ways to protect your family and pets. 

“GenX is only a small fraction of the total level of fluorochemicals that we have found in the river, and the other levels are sometimes 50 to 100 times higher,” said Detlef Knappe, a professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at N.C. State and one of the state’s top researchers for contaminants in water.  Since water is a fundamental human need, a Wilmington GenX chemical removal becomes a necessity for our drinking and cooking water.

GenX is being called by regulators as one of the emerging contaminants, not because it’s new but because it is unregulated.  It is used to create many products we use every day such as Teflon, Gore-Tex, microwave popcorn bags and fast food wrappers.  It’s widely used because of its ability to repel water which makes it attractive to a lot of industries.

Moore Water & Air has been representing RainSoft whole house water filtration RO systems in Wilmington NC and the coastal Carolina Region for over a decade.  RainSoft has been protecting people’s water since 1953 by filtering out containments such as Dichlorobenzene, Trihalomethanes, Carbon Tetrachloride and hundreds of other chemicals.  Many of these cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea and have known to lead to other diseases such as cancer. 

When it comes to Wilmington GenX chemical removal, Moore Water and Air is your trusted consultant on what it takes to protect your drinking water.  Whether it is for your kids, your family dog or yourself, take a minute to speak with one of our consultants to learn more about the water in Carolinas.