Wilmington RO Reverse Osmosis System

Here at Moore Water & Air, we can provide a cutting-edge Wilmington RO water system that gives your family the safe, clean drinking water you need. We proudly sell RainSoft products, the industry standard, ensuring that you get the very best Wilmington reverse osmosis system on the market today.

The Risks

Getting your drinking water without a reverse osmosis system in Wilmington NC can carry some serious risks. Think of the quantity of water you consume every day; for a healthy intake, experts recommend drinking 64 ounces. Different sources of water can contain:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Manganese
  • Sulfur
  • Iron

Water in Wilmington is also at an elevated risk of containing GenX, a detergent used to make Teflon. Even though this chemical family has been linked to cancer, it’s still legal for large chemical companies to dump it directly into local water sources. For years, this was largely ignored, but recent tests have shown highly elevated levels in Wilmington’s drinking water.

Have one of our certified technicians come by and test your water will tell you how a Wilmington RO water system is essential to provide water that is pure and clean. Our Wilmington reverse osmosis system filters GenX from your water, for peace of mind and long-term health benefits.

The Benefits of Choosing Us for an RO Water System in Wilmington NC

When you come to us for a reverse osmosis water filter in Wilmington NC, you get a distinct advantage, as we provide the critical benefits you’re looking for, such as:

  • A limited lifetime guarantee on our products
  • A free water analysis
  • An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • A #1 rating from Consumer Affairs
  • RainSoft’s experience in this industry dating back to 1953
  • An incredible range of reliable, effective products

Above all else, the Wilmington RO water system helps keep carcinogens and other harmful elements out of the drinking water that you and your family consume every single day.

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