Wilmington Rust Removal From Water

Is Rust a Problem in Your Water?

If your drinking water tastes and smells metallic and is discolored, if your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they should (or even becoming stained), or if you’re seeing stains and film on your bathtub, toilet and sinks, you could have rust in your water. In Wilmington, rust removal from water is one of the most frequent requests we get from customers.

Rust is oxidized iron. Iron is just one of the pollutants that is found in water sources in North Carolina — along with sulfur, lead, manganese, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and GenX. A quality Wilmington water chemical filter system can remove these and other dangerous chemicals from your water before it comes into your home.

GenX is a toxic chemical compound that’s been found in North Carolina’s water supply. It’s used to make Teflon and other products. Needless to say, it can have a harmful effect on humans and animals. 

A Wilmington Water Chemical Filter System Can Save You Money 

With a RainSoft filter system, Wilmington rust removal from water isn’t a problem. You’ll see an improvement in the water you and your family use every day.

All of this means:

  • No more expensive bottled water
  • Less detergent required for laundry
  • Less soap and shampoo needed
  • Less damage to your pipes

Your Local RainSoft Dealer in the Coastal Carolinas

At Moore Water & Air, we carry only RainSoft products. RainSoft, “The World’s Finest Water Treatment,” has been improving the purity of water and air in homes and businesses since 1953. They back up the majority of their products with a limited lifetime warranty.

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We offer a free water analysis to determine which type of system will best handle your rust removal from water in Wilmington NC so you can have clean, pure water for all of your family’s needs. To schedule an analysis for Wilmington rust removal from water, call us at (910) 799-8150. We look forward to serving you.