Wilmington Water Purification Systems

How Can Our Wilmington Water Purification Systems Improve Your Water?  Have you considered having a free water test done to see how clean the water at your tap is?

A quality Wilmington home water filter gets rid of those chemicals before they make their way into your home. That’s why we offer only the best – RainSoft water filtration systems. RainSoft has been providing families with clean water since 1953. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on most of their products, including tanks, valves and electrical parts.

What’s in Your Water?

IIt’s not uncommon for the water sources in the Carolinas to contain elements including iron, sulfur, manganese and lead. While iron may sound good, too much of it, if ingested through our water supply, can be harmful to your health. It may cause discomfort such as stomach problems, joint pain and fatigue.  It also makes every day things such as cleaning with soap and detergent less effective.

Many Wilmington residents have seen in the news how GenX is present in our waters. If you want peace of mind that this chemical is not present in your drinking or cooking water our Wilmington water purification systems filter it out.

How Will a Wilmington Home Water Filter Improve Your Comfort?

Besides the health and safety benefits of having a RainSoft water purification system in Wilmington NC, we think you’ll see an improvement in:

  • The taste of your tap water and the food cooked in it
  • The cleanliness and softness of your laundry
  • The smoothness of your skin

You’ll also save some money, because you won’t need expensive bottled drinking water and you’ll be able to use less soap, shampoo and laundry detergent. Your pipes will also last longer.

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We offer customers a complimentary in-home water analysis to help determine the best option for your needs. To schedule yours or just to get more information on our Wilmington water purification systems, give us a call at (910) 799-8150. You can also complete the convenient contact form here on our site.