Wilmington Water Softener Salt Tank

Do you want peace of mind knowing your drinking water is pure of harmful chemicals?  Have you had your water evaluated to see what is present?  That’s why many homeowners turn to Moore Water and Air and invest in a Wilmington water softener salt tank and even a whole-house filtration system. The right filtration systems, such as top-of-the line offerings from RainSoft, can remove all kinds of chemicals and contaminants from your water. 

Most filtration systems won’t remove the toxic compounds such as GenX from your drinking water. Thankfully, Moore Water & Air is a certified RainSoft dealer that can easily install a Wilmington salt water softener and filtration system that addresses a large list of pollutants. 

Soft Water Protects Your Pipes, Clothing and Family 

Hard water contains all kinds of dissolved minerals, including rust from the inside of pipes or chemicals that have leaked into the groundwater nearby. When you install a Wilmington water softener salt tank, the water it treats should be soft and clean when it’s done. However, it’s important to remember that not every water softener salt tank in Wilmington NC will offer the same level of cleanliness and softness. 

A Wilmington salt water softener makes your water better by replacing dissolved calcium and magnesium ions with sodium or potassium ions. 

  • The benefits of having a salt water softener include: 
  • Fewer spots on silverware, glasses, plates and plumbing fixture
  • Softer skin and cleaner, smoother hai
  • Better lathering of soap, allowing for use of les
  • Softer clothes without hard minerals in the fabric
  • Longer life for clothing and water appliances, such as water heaters or coffee makers

Trust Moore Water & Air for Your Salt Water Softener

When you need a Wilmington water softener salt tank, Moore Water & Air should be your first call. We have hundreds of different RainSoft products, meaning we can create a custom solution for your needs. Whether you need a system for softening or filtration, we provide the best systems available in the area.

We know the well-being of your family comes first. We strive for great service and even offer a limited lifetime warranty on some of the products we carry as well as a free water analysis.