EPA studies indicate that air quality in the average home can be 4 to 40 times dirtier than the outside air. We spend most of our days in our homes breathing contaminated air that we could easily have filtered to provide a healthier atmosphere. Eliminating odors and making your home air cleaner that you have ever experienced.

Our two step process for ultraviolet and ozone air purification provides continuous air quality to eliminate the contaminates in your home. Air purifiers sterilize or kill most contaminants. Both UV and ozone are purification methods. In the Airmaster Ultra, when air passes within the UV light zone, most airborne bacteria and molds are killed or sterilized. From there, the air passes by the ozone lamp where odors are neutralized. The process happens continuously and silently as your heating/cooling system runs, and there are no messy filters to change.

Our mission is to provide your home with safe reliable platforms to keep you healthy.