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    EPA studies indicate that air quality in the average home can be 4 – 40 times dirtier than outside air…


    Extraordinary quality and reliability are engineered into every RainSoft home water treatment system…

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    Testimonial 4

    [Moore Water & Air] was very prompt, thorough and professional. He did a great job explaining what the problem was with my water system and an even better job explaining how he was going to service it. They’ll service my water system from now on


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    [Moore Water & Air] was amazing! He was very friendly, yet profession-al. Very personable and taught us a lot bout our water. We have a much better understanding of the importance of soft and clean water for our family. We also learned more about water in general that we never even thought of. This is an investment that will last a lifetime and we couldn’t be more happy. Thanks Moore Water & Air, and Paul. you da man! much appreciated


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    [Moore Water & Air] was very prompt, thorough and professional. He did a great job explaining what the problem was with my water system and an even better job explaining how he was going to service it. They’ll service my water system from now on.


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    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Moore and his crew on a residential property. They were installing a water softener on a clients house that had called my own company to do a housewash. The homeowner acci-dentally scheduled us to be there at the same time so i needed to wait for them to be done before I could begin. These gentleman were ex-tremely professional and courteous the entire time. They also worked in a timely manner to ensure that both the job was done right, and that I wasn’t waiting too long. I would highly recommend Moore Heating and Air to anyone in the area as well as my friends and family!

    Sand Filter Duplin County

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    Do you live in the coastal Carolinas? Have you considered a RainSoft® whole house water filter? At Moore Water & Air, we provide water purification systems manufactured by RainSoft. These products eliminate and prevent any water concerns you may have in your home, including unpleasant odors and a disagreeable taste. We understand your need for water that is free of chemicals and carcinogens. With our superior customer service, the best water filtration products and our lifetime guarantee, your family’s safety is what drives us.


    Moving? No Problem. Take Your Filter With You.

    RainSoft in-home water treatment systems carry a limited lifetime warranty and are made to last. If you move,
    you can take the water filtration system to your next home.

    The Benefits of a RainSoft® Purification System

    No matter how good your water may be at its source, by the time it reaches your home, it could have picked up carcinogenic chemical compounds, unwanted minerals and other pollutants. Here are other reasons why you should have a whole house water filter in Duplin County, NC installed today:

    RainSoft products remove the invisible particles in your water, as well as other pollutants responsible for the metallic or “off” taste in your drinking water.

    With a RainSoft® whole house water filter, you will no longer need to pay the hefty cost of bottled water.

    Water that is softened and conditioned will remove the soap and shampoo residue left behind by untreated water. Dry, dull-looking hair and skin will look vibrant and healthy.

    RainSoft products have a super-sudsing action, which means you will need less detergents, shampoo and soap, saving you money.

    RainSoft® water purification systems will improve the taste and appearance of food and beverages prepared in your home.

    The water filtration systems offered by Moore Water & Air will filter toxic GenX (a detergent used to make Teflon) out of our customers’ water.

    The RainSoft water treatment solutions will improve your quality of life.


    Unmatched Customer
    & Warranty Service

    Every RainSoft home water treatment system is engineered to strict quality and reliability standards. We provide the most comprehensive warranty available in the water treatment industry. Our limited lifetime warranty covers all our water conditioning and filtration systems. In addition, many of RainSoft’s products are tested and certified by third-party, independent testing organizations, such as the Water Quality Association.

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